How To Choose An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is essentially a machine that is used to pressurize air using a motor or an engine and can release the compressed air as per requirement in form of small bursts. As they are usually used for running some of the heavy equipments and sometimes for cleaning purposes, it is important that you read Air Compressor Reviews before you buy one. Primarily they should have the capacity to serve your need, and secondarily it should be in your budget.
So whenever you read Air Compressor Reviews make sure you look for some of the things that are essential in an air compressor.

The first and foremost thing to analyze is the requirement. If you are just looking to use the air compressor for inflating tires of your cars or doing that odd once in a few months project then it is advisable to buy less expensive models like oil free compressors or pancake compressors. On the other hand if you need it for operating heavy duty equipment or for regular use, it is advisable to buy professional grade air compressors that have larger tanks and/or powerful motors.

The general unit for measuring rate of delivery of air by a compressor is CFM – cubic feet per minute.

This is the primary aspect you should look for in Air Compressor Reviews. If it is in agreement with your requirement then analyze further otherwise look for some other machine.

Secondly, evaluate the portability aspect. Do you need the compressor to be portable or stationary? It is best to buy stationary compressors as they are much more powerful and have higher capacity; unless you need to move the compressor from one place to another in the workshop for using it on different machines. Then it is advisable to buy a portable one.

People should get Air Compressor Reviews from some expert before buying them by themselves. People usually tend to go for ultra portable and cheaper compressors, not realising that smaller machines have smaller tanks and lower CFM, which means the motor will run more frequently and as a result it will consume more electricity. An expert will advise them to spend some more money and buy a bigger, better compressor rather than a small, less durable one.
Air Compressor ReviewsThese were the basic things you should look for while reading Air Compressor Reviews. Other small tips that you should consider:

· General CFM ratings (at 90PSI) of some machines are:

o Angle disc grinder: 5-8

o Brad Nailer: 0.3

o Cut-off tool: 4-10

o Dual sander: 11-13

o Grease gun: 4

o Impact wrench – 1”: 10

o Ratchet – 3/8”: 4.5-5

o Shears: 8-16

· Whatever is the prerequisite CFM of your equipment, buy a compressor that has a capacity of at least 30% more than that.

· Take compressors with larger tanks to avoid giving more strain to the motor as in small tanked compressors motor runs more frequently.

· Try to avoid running the compressors on generators as the power fluctuations in the generator can do some serious damage to the compressors. According to manufacturers, this is considered as improper usage of the machine and it voids the warranty.

· Finally list down all the compressors you have shortlisted as per your budget and need and from them select the one manufactured by the most trusted and reputed company.

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