Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

The MAC2400 is powered by a 2.5 HP motor. The Makita Big Bore engineered pump with cast iron cylinder has greater bore and stroke for increased compression, faster recovery and less noise.

The cast iron construction is engineered for increased durability even under tough job-site conditions. The MAC2400 has an oil-lubricated pump and is equipped with a large automotive style filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency.

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The Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Air Compressor has been getting a buzz online now as one of the high performance air compressors that are worthy of your hard earned money. The machine comes with great benefits like an ultra-silent motor which pulls only 12.3 amp in order to operate and at a lower 1720 RMP rating. It also has an intake air filter system built for heavy duty use and thus, it is so easy to see why this machine easily outlasts other brands.

Furthermore, this machine is fully armed with a ball valve drain system (lever handled) which easily takes care of condensation buildup that often takes place on the tank. It also comes with an exclusive finned tubing to discharge air which intensifies heat dissipation while lessening the moisture on the lines.

Why Choose The Makita MAC2400?

If you are currently looking for a high performing model for home use or for commercial use, then you are aware that there are absolutely lots of them on the market now. Choosing the best among these brands can be a bit overwhelming. But if you are familiar with the specs and capacity of these air compressors, you can easily tell which among them is worthy of your money.

The MAC2400, from Makita, is perhaps what you really need. It is known for its maximum performance and has a great horsepower rating of 2.5 and an adequate tank size, definitely what you need in an air compressor.

Makita MAC2400How Much Horsepower is Needed for a High Powered Air Compressor?

As you have noticed, Makita stands out for having a great horsepower rating of 2.5. So what does this mean? First off, HP or horsepower is a unit that measures the power of motors and engines and one unit of horsepower is equivalent to the power that is required to lift an object weighing 550 pounds.

Given this, you can just imagine how much a 2.5 HP could handle. Most of the compressor motors that you will find on the market now come with an air compressor motor of 1.5 horsepower, but the Makita MAC2400 has a 2.5 one. That alone is proof that it is one of the best performing air compressors on the market today.

How Much Tank Size do You Need for your Air Compressor?

The tank sizes of air compressors are often stated in gallons. But then the question is, how much tank size is ideal for your projects? Now this will depend on how you actually use it. If you make use of the machine intermittently, then you will need a massive tank. However, if you need the machine for continuous use, a 4.2 gallon twin-stacked tank is definitely perfect. Remember that a high performing model is one that has a small tank but a huge pump and motor, which is exactly what the Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor is like.

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