Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita’s 2.0 HP Air Compressor is equipped with Makita’s Big Bore engineered pump cylinder and piston for higher output, less noise and improved job site performance.

The MAC700 delivers industrial power and results with improved durability under tough job site conditions.

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Here we have a excellent medium duty air compressor. Awesome for the DIY’er and contractor. It has a terrific price, in the event you know where to look. Much more on that later. Let’s get into the basics of this fantastic AC.

What Makes The MAC700 A Fantastic Air Compressor?

Makita MAC700The Makita MAC700 is actually driven by a two horse power motor. The Makita Large Bore engineered pump using a cast iron cylinder has greater bore and stroke for increased compression, faster recovery and much less noise. The cast iron design is built for increased robustness even under tough job-site conditions.

The Makita MAC700 comes with an oil lubricated pump motor and it is loaded with a huge automotive style filter for increased air intake and greater performance. The Large Bore oil lubricated pump can be additional efficient: the Makita MAC700 runs cooler and at half the RPM of most competitive units, resulting in greater motor and pump life and lower noise.

The 2.6-gallon tank sustains an operating pressure of 130 PSI, and delivers 40PSI (3.8 CFM) and 90 PSI (3.3 CFM). The low AMP draw reduces instances of tripped breakers and voltage drop that can cause premature motor failure. The roll bar handle provides portability and additional protection, helping it withstand harsh jobsite environments.

Extra features incorporate a convenient oil drain and oil sight glass, a tank drain valve that supersedes standard petcock design for easier maintenance, and finned discharge tubing that dissipates heat even more efficiently.

Product Specifications and Technical Details

  • High output: Cast iron pump with large bore cylinder and piston, coupled with greater bore and stroke, delivers optimum performance
  • Low noise: Substantially lower noise levels with a large 1,720 – RPM pump-enabling greater displacement at lower RPM
  • Low Amp Draw: Reduces incidences of tripped breakers as well as voltage drop that can induce premature motor failure
  • Oil lubricated: Cooler running pump, minimizes wear
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

What Others Are Saying About The Makita MAC700

This one’s somewhat of a paradox: The do-it-yourselfer might pass by this compressor in favor of an oil-free, no-maintenance model, but it’s actually one of the best on the market for the homeowner, hobbyist and weekend warrior.

There are three factors that made us form this opinion. First, it’s the quietest compressor we’ve ever encountered. It’s a remarkable departure in a genre of tools that normally force you to suspend conversation while it’s cycling. The MAC700 puts out 80 decibels, according to the folks at Makita, and when you compare that to the 90 and up you get from most units, that’s practically a hum. So we like this for household use, especially in a basement shop.

Next on our list of pluses for the DIY-er is the low-amp draw, and with that, fewer trips to the breaker box and less chance of premature motor failure. The other feature that won us over is the easy-on-the-hand lever handle ball valve that saves your knuckles when you drain the tank. It’s also got a really fast cycle, so by the time you take a sip of water, you’re ready to work again.

It’s made like a champ, with a roll-bar handle that protects your investment, a cast-iron cylinder for durability and an oil sight glass that makes maintenance a breeze.

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Makita is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and offers a wide range of industrial accessories. Makita applies leading-edge innovation to engineer power tools that are extra compact and energy efficient, yet deliver industrial strength power and results. Makita U.S.A., Inc. is located in La Mirada, California, and operates an extensive distribution network located throughout the U.S.

Makita Large Bore Air Compressors

Makita Large Bore Air Compressors deliver greater productivity and considerably less noise for improved job site efficiency. The Makita Large Bore engineered pump with cast iron cylinder has higher bore and stroke for elevated compression, faster recovery and much less noise. The cast iron construction is engineered for increased durability even below tough job site conditions. All Makita Large Bore Air Compressors are oil lubricated and equipped with large automotive style filters for increased air intake and greater efficiency. Makita Large Bore Air Compressors deliver industrial energy and results with improved durability.

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