Is The RW1504ST The Best?


Rockworth RW1504ST 4-Gallon Factory Reconditioned Portable Electric

The Rockworth 4-Gallon Portable Electric Air Compressor can help you tackle a long list projects at home or on the job. The air compressor features a powerful 1.5 HP engine and maintenance-free pump. The twin-stack tank configuration on the air compressor can run multiple tools at once. The air compressor is easy to transport thanks to its telescopic handle and sturdy plastic wheels provide portability. 4-gallon, twin-stack, tanks are made of durable steel for durability.


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The Rockworth RW1504ST 4-Gallon Factory Reconditioned Portable Electric Air Compressor allows you to work on so many projects on the job or at home. This portable electric model comes with a very powerful engine at 1.5 horsepower and even comes equipped with an oil free pump that requires no maintenance. The tank, which comes as a twin stack configuration is capable of operating several different tools at once.

Since it is portable, you can easily transport this device from one place to another. The telescopic handle as well as the sturdy plastic wheels that it comes with, has made it to become even more moveable. The four gallon tank is made of a durable steel material, and therefore it is guaranteed to last longer as it can withstand the test of time.

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Various Uses of the Rockworth RW1504ST 

As mentioned, the Rockworth RW1504ST is compatible for home and commercial use. Homeowners can make use of this portable device to fill up the lawnmower as well as bicycle tires. Since it is easy to carry, you can choose to bring it with you on your farm to fill up the tires of heavy equipment vehicles, such as the tractors.

This model can also be used for commercial purposes. Companies that operate a fleet of trucks and buses can use it to fill up the tires. It is highly efficient and it works really fast, which is what every business owner would want.

Rockworth RW1504STGreat Features of the Rockworth RW1504ST 

Those who cannot decide on which brand of portable electric air compressor to buy should better take note of the great features that this model comes with. Among these are:

  • It could deliver up to 2.8 Standard Cubic Feet per Minute at 90 PSI and could operate several finish nail guns or one framing nail gun.
  • It has a 155 PSI maximum pressure.
  • It has an oil free pump which means that no maintenance is needed.
  • The 1.5 horsepower electric engine is capable of providing great power and consistency.
  • The four gallon twin stack tank comes with two air outlets used for running a variety of tools.

What Customers Say about the Rockworth RW1504ST

This model has been gaining huge popularity in the World Wide Web. In fact, if you search for the best portable electric air compressors online, this brand and model will come up. It also earned high ratings since most of the customers who have reviewed the product can attest that this brand is indeed, very efficient. But perhaps, the greatest thing about this model is that it is priced reasonably. It is not as expensive as other leading brands, yet it works just as efficiently.

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